Tapeta is Kosova’s first & leading online wallpaper printing store. It has the largest design collection of wallpapers of 5,000 plus designs across 33 categories, providing customizable options in design, size and material, offering the very best in quality wallpaper printing. With delivery across 30 countries, a robust installation network spanning all metros across Kosova and superior production capabilities, Tapeta is a dependable and preferred provider of customised wallpaper in Kosova.

Be it elegant homes, eclectic offices, colorful schools, vibrant cafes or trendy gyms, Tapeta has wallpaper designs to suit every customer’s needs. The designs range across categories like Backgrounds, Food & Drinks, Nature, Travel, Cityscapes, and Outer Space and there is also the option of creating your own print wallpaper online.

A leader itself in the large format printing business, it has worked with the best brands in Europa and has become a benchmark for service and quality. 


Experience in Wallpaper Printing

Tapeta has been a pioneer in the online wallpaper printing industry, it was the first online wallpaper store in Kosova and after 4 years of operations continues to be a leader in customized wallpaper in Kosova.

We have processed more than 2,000 orders in this span and printed more than 100,000 sq ft of wallpaper! In the process we have built up an immense network of happy and satisfied customers who keep coming back to us.

Tapeta has over the years identified the best vendors and support partners to produce and deliver the best quality customized wallpaper in Kosova. We offer FREE shipping across all locations in Kosova and have an excellent installation team working in all major cities and metros of Kosova.

We are setting standards for quality tapeta by offering a 5 year standard warranty on the colors which is a first, along with the assurance of the wallpaper being PVC Free, Scratch Resistant and Fire Resistant. In order to make the wallpapers safe for children and elderly, our materials have the Green Guard Certificate, School Certificate and Indoor Air Quality Certification.

No one knows wallpaper printing like Tapeta does!


Our Wallpaper Printing Team

Every customized wallpaper from Tapeta has a happy and dedicated team working behind the scenes to deliver the best customized wallpaper in Kosova to you. Each wallpaper goes through several teams who put in their hard work so that your wallpaper reaches you in time.

The journey of wallpaper printing starts from the workstation of our creative graphic designers who create these wonderful wallpaper designs. Today we have over 5,000 designs and add to these designs every single week!

Your selected wallpaper then goes through our efficient production team at our facility who print the wallpaper on best quality paper and ensure zero wastage. The wallpaper is then packaged safely and dispatched by our customer service team, who is always at your disposal for all online wallpaper queries.

The wallpaper reaches your doorstep and is given life through our installation team and voila, your imagination is on your walls!

For any query, please call us on +377 (0) 45 515-252 or e-mail info@tapeta.com